4-7/16″ (Dia.) Performance System® Rail and Stile Door System

Freud’s revolutionary system for making cabinet doors combines the flexibility of standard insert tooling with the performance of resharpenable TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide Knives. This gives cabinetmakers the ability to offer over 18 profiles of rail and stiles for cabinet doors at a fraction of the cost of fixed knife cutters. These cutters are packed with special features like: eased panel slot edges to prevent splintering and improve finishing, zero down time to switch from the moulding cut to the cope cut with matched reverse sets, and profiles that always match even after resharpening. The RS1000 set contains both cutter heads (RS-S, RS-R), groover knives (RS-K), and the glass door and back tenon knife (RS-L). Profile knives can be purchased sep­a­rate­ly. The RS2000 contains everything in the RS1000, plus nine different pairs of profile knives. Both sets come with a sample of a rail and stile and complete manual for easy setup. Additional heads can be pur­chased separately.

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