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Industrial Saws - Whitfield County, GA

Our Company

Expert Die, Inc. combines exceptional customer service with the highest-quality of work, along with advanced technology and experience. Operating out of our facility in Whitfield County, GA, we provide blade and saw sales along with sharpening services to a variety of industries throughout North Georgia, East Tennessee, North Mississippi, and North Alabama.

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Saws - Whitfield County, GA

Our Beginning

Expert Die, Inc. is a business founded in a family barn by Eric Barr in 1993. If you told him back then that he would one day be in charge of a 15,000 square foot facility, an entire fleet of vehicles, and a terrific team, he would be thrilled.

However, it’s no surprise that Expert Die, Inc. has become the choice of clients in the Carpet Capital. Our business has evolved with the times to deliver modern, practical solutions to meet the needs of clients throughout a range of industries.

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Industrial Equipment - Whitfield County, GA

Our Future

Today, Expert Die, Inc. continues operations under the motto our company was founded upon, “If it’s not perfect, do it again.” As the premier Freud Authorized Sharpening Center and distributor in the state, our satisfied customers include, Franklin Corp, HH Woodworking, and Glen’s Cabinet Shop. We look forward to further expanding our capabilities and customer base.

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