5 Piece Premier Adjustable Cabinet Bit Set

Freud’s Premier Adjustable Cabinet Bit Set includes the tools to produce several popular door styles. Use the unique Premier Adjustable Rail & Stile Set (item #99-760) to make raised panel or flat panel doors from 5/8″ to 1-1/4″ thick. If you’re make a raised panel door, use the Raised Panel bit (#99-510) with Quadra-Cut technology to mill beautiful ogee-style raised panels. Or use the Door Lip Bit (#99-001) to make traditional 3/8″ overlay doors, routing the rabbet and finished profile in a single pass. And to glue up stock for wide panels, use the 99-031 Reversible Glue Joint Bit for strong, accurate joints. All bits have 1/2″ shanks and should be used on table-mounted routers.

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