320-Grit (Very Fine) Final Stripping Pads (2-Pack)

Diablo’s premium final stripping pads include break-through innovations for superior sanding performance, extended sanding life and increased hand-sanding productivity. Featuring a premium silicone carbide blend, these pads provide a superior finish, faster material removal and offer an extra-long sanding life in wet and dry sanding applications. Non-woven nylon fibers are fully penetrated with a flexible resin and grit allowing for fresh grit to be exposed as the pad is worn. A durable nylon pad design withstands extreme applications and wear to maintain structure integrity and shape, allowing for continued use and longer sanding life. Ideal for final touches and finishing, Diablo’s stripping pads clean surfaces of any remaining blemishes before stains are to be applied. The go-to alternate for steel wool, Diablo’s finish stripping pads deliver consistent finishes, longer life and extreme durability.

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