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New for 2014 -- the KSC 710

Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710The compact and innovative Service Center for the automatic re-toothing, sharpening and chamfering of metal circular saw blades.

Expert Die Inc, is happy to announce a new addtion to the Expert Die family. The new KSC 710 Service Center, one of only five ever used in the US. Expert Die realizes that to maximum our success we must change with the times. We are working hard to offer new and better options for our customers.

The new KSC 710 Service Center for sharpening and automatic chamfering of saw blades with a diameter between 40 – 710 mm in manual mode and 75 – 520 mm in automatic operation. Parallel development of the efficient Loroch TurboGrind grinding wheels and Loroch TurboCool coolant specifically for Loroch machines.

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With this system any stack can be loaded with saw blades of different diameters, tooth geometry, tooth pitch and bore sizes without requiring sorting of the saw blades based upon diameter or bore sizes. Due to this improvement saw blades can be ground in automatic operation. High quality reducing rings are snapped into the bores to compensate for different sizes. An optimized concentrically of the saw blade is always guaranteed since these reducing rings work like a mechanical spring.

The saw blades to be ground are placed on the stack. The saw blade data is then entered directly into the Windows-based machine control panel. The control panel automatically suggests the parameters for each grinding task.
A robot arm transfers the saw blades between the grinding machine and the magazine. Short loading paths guarantee a fast saw blade change.

The saw blade is clamped tight in the sharpening machine by means of hydraulic clamping. An additional robot arm supplies the required clamping flange. The tooth contour is scanned with the help of the grinding wheel. This procedure determines the correct start of the grinding process. If saw blade data, such as diameter or number of teeth, has been entered incorrectly the machine recognizes the error. The saw blade will be put back into the magazine without being ground and a corresponding report will be created. The next saw blade will be handled without interruption to the automatic operation.

The magazine can be loaded and unloaded during operation. In combination with the turn table magazine, a production without interruption is possible, especially for small batch sizes.

The chamfering or cutting in of chip breaker grooves of the saw blades can be done fully automatically. An additional saw blade clamping at the grinding point ensures symmetrical chamfering even for blades with axial run-out.
Using a laser measuring system the machine independently determines the respective saw blade diameter, the saw blade thickness and the number of teeth, eliminating operator programming.

Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710Expert Die | Loroch KSC 710

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What Our Customers Say...

  • I take this moment to extend to you an expression of gratitude for donating three new blades, and the sharpening of nine saw blades for Hogar Escuela Adventista in El Salvador, Central America. It was a delightful trip that 14 of us made to the orphanage during the first two weeks of December. Read More
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