Cleaning Saw Collars

Expert Die | Cleaning Saw CollarsExpert Die | Cleaning Saw CollarsExpert Die | Cleaning Saw CollarsYour saw blade needs to be aligned with the arbor of the motor. This is impossible if the collars are not clean and in good shape. Any high spot on the arbor will distort the saw blade. It may distort the blade so the blade stays flat but is no longer truly perpendicular to the collar or it may distort the blade so that it is no longer perfectly flat.

Remember, please, that a saw blade is tensioned and is, in effect, a flat spring.

It is not unusual to examine a saw blade and see debris embedded in the saw plate. Also common is to find two rings on the saw plate where the edges of the collars contacted the plate but the center of the collars did not.

Every time a saw blade is changed the collars, even if they are just a flanged nut, should be examined for cleanliness and flatness.

What Our Customers Say...

  • I take this moment to extend to you an expression of gratitude for donating three new blades, and the sharpening of nine saw blades for Hogar Escuela Adventista in El Salvador, Central America. It was a delightful trip that 14 of us made to the orphanage during the first two weeks of December. Read More
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