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Pallet Ripping Blade


Freud says its new “coated” industrial Pallet Ripping Saw Blade is a market first. The new blade has a premium non-stick coating; four strobes instead of two; a thin-kerf option for less waste and more board yield; and deeper teeth. Four 10-inch, five 12-inch and two 14-inch models are available. Depending on the blade model, they work with Pendu, Brewer and Hazelthorn CNC machines.

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$72.64 each LCL7M10056
$79.24 each LCL7M10070
$72.64 each LCL7M10068
$103.76 each LCL7M10061
$68.48 each LCL7M10067
$78.29 each LCL7M10069
$103.76 each LCL7M10060
$68.48 each LCL7M10052
$78.29 each LCL7M10059
$78.29 each LCL7M10057
$79.24 each LCL7M10058
Results 1 - 11 of 11

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