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Expert Die has been the best supplier that I have dealt with in years. Their reliability, professionalism, and customer service are unrivaled and refreshing in a market that really needs this kind of support. That being said, shortly after I started doing business with Expert Die, I was in need of some new blades for our beam saw.

Expert Die was quick to recommend a new line of Freud blades that use a special carbide, sound deadening filler and Silver I.C.E coating. We cut a wide array of materials in our shop (exterior plys, laminated plys, melamine, laminate, CPVC, and HDPE) and I was hesitant to think that any blade could live up to the claims that Freud was making with this blade, but we decided to take the challenge and put the blades through a trial.

On that first set, we went close to three weeks without needing to sharpen those blades! With a good sharpening, these blades definitely outlast any other blade that I have used to date. Not only that, but they really are quieter to use and this is important in a shop that tries to regulate the noise levels that employees are exposed to.

After that first set, we ordered several more immediately and have no plans of using anything but these blades until Freud makes another breakthrough. These Freud blades are priced in competition with blades that just don’t compare and I just can’t see using anything else.

Thanks Expert Die for showing us the way!

Atlanta Cabinet Inc.

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