Glen's Cabinet Shop, Cleveland, TN

I take this moment to extend to you an expression of gratitude for donating three new blades, and the sharpening of nine saw blades for Hogar Escuela Adventista in El Salvador, Central America. It was a delightful trip that 14 of us made to the orphanage during the first two weeks of December.

The orphanage staff and kids were most gracious to us as we painted many kid’s rooms, and made doors for some of the kid’s homes.

It was an especially meaningful trip to my wife and I who had lived there for two years, administrating the orphanage. So it was a great homecoming for us. It's amazing what 6 years of absence does for a kid who was 2-5 years of age then and what they are now. We didn’t recognize some of them but they recognized us!! How wonderful Heaven will be when we arrive to share with one another for eternity and recognition won’t be a problem.

Once again, thanks for your contribution to God’s kids in El Salvador. Cuttin’ up will be so much easier."

Glen Wintermeyer
Glen's Cabinet Shop,
Cleveland, TN

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